Saturday, July 22, 2017

Images and ink (38)

Image: Ski-mountaineer below the Mt Vinson icefall, Ellsworth Mountains  (photo by Alpine Light & Structure)

Ink: A letter from Henry  "Birdie" Bowers to his mother before setting off on Captain Scott's last expedition to the Antarctic:

 ".... My aims and objects in going into dangers and difficulties are well known to you. They are not for self-advancement or anything sordid as you know. The chief thing that impels is the indefinable call that is unexplainable as it is insistent. It cannot be otherwise and was foreknown from the beginning. Your son is one of the few in this prosaic age who can have the privilege of realizing what must have been a commoner thing when the world was younger."

From 'Birdie' Bowers of the Antarctic by George Seaver, John Murray, 1938.

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